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How do you want to invest?
Real estate? Physical precious metals? From businesses to tax liens, your options are boundless - Which arena you invest in decides which account is best.
'Custodial' or 'Checkbook' self-direction?
If you only want to lend to a person or two or hold raw land then 'custodial' self directed works great at a reasonable price.

If you want rental property or physical metals or anything with a higher degree of activity then the 'checkbook' model will remove a ton of hassle - and save you money year after year.
Review key IRA & Solo 401k Differences
Most people assume they need an IRA, but there are big differences in safety, taxation, borrowing, and investment options between IRAs and 401ks and most people could have either.

Change your plan for the better. Use the button below to quickly learn the differences our clients find the most important.
IRA v 401k Cliff Notes

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Ever spent a chunk of time looking for an answer only to realize you'd been asking the wrong question? It happens all the time. People more interested in selling than educating tout the vitures of their product-of-the-day and consumers are left to depend on themselves to sort fact from fiction.

Meet Compass. We do things differently. First, we're small. Like an-attorney-and-some-support-staff small. So you're going to get to talk to Mary Lou, the owner. You're also going to get treated like a real person asking questions that will impact the rest of their life.

We work quickly getting everything ready for you - but our support doesn't end once your funds are in place like some other firms out of New York or California. We want you to succeed with our plans - and that means knowing you can call us up and get the knowledge you need to do things right.

So call or email us. Check out our site. We think you'll agree we're clear, accurate, and on your side for the long haul. (While offering an incredible value to start.)

Thank you, and I hope to talk to you soon,

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Popular Investments

Gold & Silver

Physical gold and silver coins or bullion - Finally a retirement account that lets you buy and store it the way you want. Basement safe? A vault? Buried in a field?

Have the metal you need without storing it at a depository in another state, paying absurd spreads, or dealing with storage fees.

Our plans allow a wider range of coin types than IRA accounts, making them perfect for metal savvy investors.

Real Estate

Steady, tax-free, rent checks. Selling property with no capital gains tax. Leveraging your abilities instead of cash-in-hand to grow your retirement. Save on distribution taxes. Real property offers a chance to safely grow your retirement while providing inflation fighting rent and appreciation. Bonds can't compare.

From duplexes to commercial buildings, tax liens to private deeds - Real estate delivers. With retirement accounts partnering on mobile home parks and writing option contracts on land overseas; the possibilities are vast and refreshing.

So. Much. More.

While most clients invest in real property or metal; there's more. Lease aircraft engines? Buy the stud rights on a steer? Purchase dollars for dimes using life insurance to pass on your retirement account with a minimal tax bill? Yes to all these and so much more.

Investing locally, in your own community in a socially concious way, has never been easier. Make a difference for yourself while making a difference for others.

This is the future - and it's bright.

In all cases, we'll work with your providers
and can get nearly any investment into our plans.